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Getting started with the GUNTRACK Software Edition is easy and fast. Here are the simple steps to subscribe, download, and install the Software Edition.

Step 1 – Select the Tier and correct Edition for your Computer.

Select the tier and computer type that works for you. There are three selections to choose from. All versions come with a 10-day FREE Trial. You can cancel anytime. If you cancel before the trial period, you will not be charged. If you cancel after the trial, you will only be charged for the days you used the application. *Please make sure to select the correct edition for your computer!

Select the correct edition and tier for your computer

GUNTRACK Software Editions Available for Subscription.

Step 2 – Complete the subscription form, and provide payment information.

Fill out the required information, including email address, credit card number, date, CVC, name on card, and zip. Agree to the terms and privacy policy police and hit Start trial. *This form is provided directly by Stripe (our subscription payment processor.) We do not store any credit card information on any of our servers. To learn more about Stripe’s security, click here.

Subscription form

Secure subscription payment form

Step 3 – Download the GUNTRACK Software.

Click on the download link to download the file that will be used for the installation.

Download Software

Click to download the installation files.

Step 4 – Download the GUNTRACK Software.

Once the GUNTRACK software installation file has been downloaded, double-click to install.

Download GUNTRACK installation fileStep 5 – Agree to the GUNTRACK License Agreement

Read and agree to our License Agreement and complete the installation of the Software Edition.

Agree to License Agreement

Agree to our license agreement.


Step 6 – Launch App and Proceed to set the password and log in.

A couple of notes on Setup (After installation)  when you first launch GUNTRACK for the first time.

  1. Use the same email address you used to purchase your subscription. 
  2. Please write down and save your password or store it somewhere safe. You cannot change this password. Why? To change your password, the password would have to be saved somewhere so that you could change it. This would allow a possible way that someone could compromise your decryption key and password. Once you set the password, this is the only password, and you are the only one with the password that can view your GUNTRACK inventory.